National Training Group (NTG)

2016-17 National Training Group

The NTG program objective is to bring the nation's best developing athletes together with higher frequency to challenging, educational and motivational U.S. Ski Team training camps and international racing trips. From the perspective of the USST, this is a talent identification tool, an intense training opportunity and a pathway to the Team.


1)     Invitation to select USST camps. Live, eat, and train with the National Team
2)     Invitation to select European Continental Cup races
3)     Access to the Center of Excellence in Park City, Utah during camp
4)     Access to USST coaching and training consultation
5)     U.S. Ski Team summer training gear

NTG Selection: Qualification for the NTG is based off of international performance and U.S. Championship results from the following year that display a trajectory toward international excellence. Additionally, USST coaches may select athletes via discretion based on outstanding results. The NTG is a self-funded project.

Under-24 Qualification Criteria:

·       World Cup Top 30
·       Top 15 Women's / Top 20 Men's European (Scandinavian or Europa Cup) Continental Cup result
·       Top 15 Women's / Top 30 Men's World U23 Championship result
·       2 Top 10's or 1 Top 5 at U.S. National Championships
·       2 Top 10's or 1 Top 5 at U.S. Super Tour Finals
·       Top 3 NCAA Championships

Under-20 Qualification Criteria:
·       1 Top 20 Women's/ 1 Top 30 Men's result at the 2016 Junior World Ski Championships
·       1 Top 15 Women's/ 1 Top 20 Men's result at an overall SCANDO CUP or OPA CUP that has been scored to the USSA National Ranking List (NRL)
·       1 Top 10 Women's/ 1 Top 15 Men's result in the Junior division at a SCANDO CUP or OPA CUP that has been scored to the USSA National Ranking List (NRL)
·       1 Top 10 Women's/ 1 Top 15 Men's result at the Under-18 Nation's Cup (aka J1 Scando Cup Trip)
·       Qualify for Junior World Ski Championship
·       Qualify for Youth Olympic Games
·       Top 6 NCAA Championships
·       1st in the Under-18 division at U.S. Junior National Championships

Deadline for Acceptance: July 15th, 2016. Confirm acceptance by e-mailing:

Requirements: Athletes accepting their position on the NTG agree to attend the following camps and race opportunities:

Under-20 and Under-24 Requirements:

Please note that there is not a U.S. Ski Team September camp in the US, so the only NTG camp opportunity is the Park City camp in October

              1)     A minimum of one USST camps from the following options:

            a.     Park City, Utah Dry Land/Altitude Camp – October 14th-20th (7 day minimum)

2)     U.S. Nationals and/ or U.S Super Tour Finals

3)     2+ weeks of International racing (World Cup, U23, OPA, Scandinavian Cup)


The Park City, UT USST training camps may be available to NTG athletes with an accompanying coach. Contact Bryan Fish to check specific training camp availability.

Accepting your nomination to this team will require sacrifice, both financially and physically. It will take nothing less to reach the top. We look forward to welcoming you to the 2016-17 National Training Group. 




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