U.S. Alpine Ski Team Criteria

The top athletes in the United States are named each year to the U.S. Alpine Ski Team. Nominations to the team come from objective selection criteria based on international rankings and head-to-head competition.

2017-18 Alpine U.S. Ski Team Nomination Criteria


2016-17 U.S. Ski Team

Women's A Team
Stacey Cook (Mammoth Mountain Ski Team)
Julia Mancuso (Squaw Valley Ski Team)
Alice McKennis (Rowmark Ski Academy; Aspen Valley Ski Club; Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club)
Laurenne Ross (Mt. Bachelor Sports Education Foundation)
Mikaela Shiffrin (Burke Mountain Academy; Ski & Snowboard Club Vail)
Leanne Smith (Mt. Washington Valley Ski Team)
Resi Stiegler (Jackson Hole Ski Club)
Lindsey Vonn (Ski & Snowboard Club Vail; Buck Hill Ski Team)

Men's A Team
David Chodunsky (Dartmouth College; Crested Butte Ski Team)
Travis Ganong (Squaw Valley Ski Team)
Tim Jitloff (Park City Ski Team)
Ted Ligetty (Park City Ski Team)
Bode Miller (Carrabassett Valley Academy; Franconia Ski Club)
Steven Nyman (Park City Ski Team; Sundance Ski Team)
Andrew Weibrecht (Lake Placid NYSEF)

Women's B Team
Breezy Johnson (NTG; Rowmark Ski Academy; Jackson Hole Ski Team)
Lila Lapanja (Sugar Bowl Academy; Diamond Peak Ski Team)
Anna Marno (Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club)
Jacqueline Wiles (White Pass Ski Club)

Men's B Team
Michael Ankeny (Buck Hill Ski Racing Club; Dartmouth College)
Bryce Bennett (Squaw Valley Ski Team)
Thomas Biesemeyer (Burke Mountain Academy; NYSEF/NSA)
Ryan Cochran-Siegle (Cochran's Ski Club; Mt. Mansfield Ski and Snowboard Club)
Tommy Ford (Mt. Bachelor Ski Education Foundation)
Jared Goldberg (Snowbird Sports Education Foundation)
Nolan Kaspar (Burke Mountain Academy)
Wiley Maple (Aspen Valley Ski and Snowboard Club)

Women's C Team
Cecily Decker (NTG; New York Ski Education Foundation)
Patricia Mangan  (NTG; HoliMont Race Team)
Alice Merryweather (Stratton Mountain School)
Galena Wardle (NTG; TEAM Academy; Aspen Valley Ski Club) 

Men's C Team
Erik Arvidsson (Squaw Valley Ski Team)
Drew Duffy (Green Mountain Valley School)
Mark Engel (Sugar Bowl Academy)
AJ Ginnis (Green Mountain Valley School; Kaprun, Austria)
Nicholas Krause (Stratton Mountain School; Wachusett Mountain Ski Team)
Sam Morse (Carrabassett Valley Academy; Sugarloaf Ski Club)
Brennan Rubie (Snowbird Sports Education Foundation)
Kipling Weisel (Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation)

Women's D Team
Keely Cashman (NTG; Squaw Valley Ski Team)
Nina O'Brien (NTG; Burke Mountain Academy; Squaw Valley Ski Team)
Nellie-Rose Talbot (NTG; Ski & Snowboard Club Vail)

Men’s D Team                                                                                                                        
Patrick Kenney (Burke Mountain Academy) 
River Radamus (NTG; TEAM Academy; Ski & Snowboard Club Vail)
George Steffey (NTG; Stratton Mountain School)
Florian Szwebel (NTG; Ski & Snowboard Club Vail)

National University Team
Griffin Brown (University of Vermont)
Garret Driller (Montana State University)
Alex Leever (University of Denver)
Brian McLaughlin (Dartmouth College)


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