Rocky Mountain Division Teams

Rocky Mountain Division has various teams Athletes can qualify for:  Rocky/Central Regional Team, All-Star Team and RMD Team.


Regional 16/17 Team

Cain, Cameron ASP   Lange, Colby SSCV
Cornelius, Cooper ASP   Livran, Heidi SSCV
DesRochers, Rachael SSCV   Macaluso, Matthew SSCV
Dilling, Jacob SSCV   McGrew, Megan CU
Edelman, Dexter ASP   Mitchell, Nicholas ASP
Gile, Bridger SSCV   Negomir, Kyle SSCV
Irwin, Katharine UNM   Roberts, Hig SSP
Keane, Jack SSCV/NTG   Seymour, Jett SSP
Kelsey, Sky ASP   Symons, Jennie SSP/NTG
Klomhaus, Storm DU   Toribio, Devon ASP
Lane, Tristan ASP      




RMD 16/17 All-Star Team


Axel Bailey* SSCV   Macaluso, Matthew* SSCV
Braun, Cleo* SSCV   Max Bervy* SSCV
Cain, Cameron ASP   McGrew, Megan CU
Cornelius, Cooper* ASP   McMurtry, Jessica* ASP
DesRochers, Rachael* SSCV   Mitchell, Nicholas* ASP
Dilling, Jacob* SSCV   Negomir, Kyle* SSCV
Edelman, Dexter* ASP   Nelson Oxley* WPK
Fancher, Burke* SSCV   Proffit, Ainsley SSCV
Gile, Bridger* SSCV   Puckett, Cole* SSP
Irwin, Katharine* UNM   Resnick Allie* SSCV
Jones, Caroline* SSCV   Roberts, Hig SSP
Kaitlyn Harsch* SSCV   Santaniello, Nick* DU
Keane, Jack* SSCV/NTG   Seymour, Jett* SSP
Kelsey, Sky ASP   Shiffrin, Taylor DU
Kinsella, Kellen* SSCV   Soria, Hannah SSP
Klomhaus, Storm* DU   Staples, Sydney UNM
Lane, Tristan* ASP   Symons, Jennie SSP/NTG
Lange, Colby* SSCV   Toribio, Devon ASP
LeBlanc, Gus* SSCV   Wold, Tegan* SSCV
Livran, Heidi* SSCV   Zane Worrell* SSCV

*denotes receiving a Colorado AllStar Pass




17/18 RMD TEAM 

U16 TEAM     U16 TEAM  
Richeda Nicolas SSP   Cornelius Allyson ASP
Holm Fletcher SSCV   Rountree-Williams Nicola SSCV
Reich Jack SSP   Frischholz Berit SSCV
Hall Wyatt SSCV   Cassidy Carissa SSCV
Washburn Marat SSP   Birtwhistle Emma SSCV
Unkovskoy Nicholas PUR   Jemison Ava Sunshine SSCV
Gedeon Cole SSP   Holm Gabriella SSCV
Tatge Phenix SSP   Roufa Kendahl LSC
Simon, Jordan SSP   Romanov, Dasha LSC
Puckett, Cooper SSP   Washburn, Isabelle PUR
Packer, Samuel SSCV   Resnick, Emma SSCV
McDermott, Samuel ASP   Hoyt, Taylor SSCV
Thomas, Tyler ASP   Ryli Adrian SSP
Davenport, Topher ASP   Lehmann, Sophia SSCV
Berezinski, Philip SUM   Johansson, Stella ASP
Grant, Tanner SSCV   McSpadden, Bayli SSCV
      Tatge, Natalia SSP
U14 TEAM     U14 TEAM  
Roach, Hunter SSCV   Bruce, Tianna SSCV
Kohlhofer, Sebastian SSCV   Moritz, Liv SSCV
Dylan Smith SUM   Pavelich, Robin SSCV
Kirwood, Nick SSCV   Moritz, Kjersti SSCV
Loughry, Milo WPK   Simpson, Cate SUN
Asher Weinberg CBT   Palmer, Zoie SSCV
Scarpella, Toby SSCV   Keane, Kaitlin SSCV
Pattison, Cole SSCV   Edelman, Samantha ASP
Reed, Sawyer SSCV   Woolsey, Lauren SSCV
Wiser, Sebastian WPK   Marzin, Maiwenn SUM/foreign
Arrigoni, Luke SSCV   Smith, Chloe ASP
Lindenmeyr, Aksel CBT   Roberts, Molly SSCV
Nolting, Jeremy SSP   Dembeck, Abby WPK
Richeda, Spencer SSP   Sherlock, Stella ASP
Conners, David WPK   Lathram, Kyleena SSCV
Chase, Kelly ASP   Andrews, Maia SSCV
      Avery, Shu SSCV
      Haerter, Lauren SSCV
      Allard, Brooke-Lynn SSCV
      Smyth, Mikayla SSCV/foreign
      Heaydon, Phoebe SSCV/foreign




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