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Having tossed his skis in favor of the snowboard at the young age of five, Michael was snowboarding competitively by age 10. By the time he was 15, he had placed 2nd in the USASA Nationals halfpipe, won the USASA Nationals in SBX in the 14-15 age group, and the USASA Open Class. Recently named to the US Junior World Team, Mike is a member of the International Snowboarding Training Center, has ridden with the Mount Snow Competition Team, Stratton Mountain School, and various Rev Tours and Grand Prixs. Born in Manhattan, but raised in New Jersey, he is currently working toward a Bachelor of Science degree in sports management at New York University, with the hope of entering law school thereafter. His post-snowboarding dream is to represent young athletes as a sports lawyer/manager.

Mike tore his meniscus and fractured tibial plateau at Canada Beaver Valley Nor-Am on March 14th of 2014, undergoing surgery on April 2nd. Not one to slow down, he is in the rehabilitation process, but plans to be out and about by the end of summer, ready for OnSnow.

Always competitive, Michael values his experience playing football which helped him not only to sustain his drive to win, but also learn to value the overall team experience. He keeps to a rigid training/fitness schedule, even through hefty scholastic demands, and is always on the lookout for the latest and greatest snowboard or new technology that might enhance his performance. Having worked with such coaches as Brandon Beck, Steve Kwasniewski, Dave Redden, Ian Kirk, Mike Mallon and Ross Powers, Mike considers Powers to have had the most influence on his as a snowboarder.

Having had the opportunity to attend and graduate from Stratton Mountain School where I could snowboard every day rather than every weekend put me a step ahead. I had had more time to train, practice, and improve my style and coordination than other competitors. I also have a strong competitive mindset – that is what really drives me to win. I continually strive to be better fit, changing my gym workouts, trying out new snowboards and learning from other snowboarders in an effort to improve my skills and perhaps even the sport.

Ever since I joined USSA, it has been my goal to be on the U.S. Snowboarding Team. I’m really excited to be on the first development team, which is a step toward being on the A team. I’m also stoked to train with the A and B Teams so I can learn from them, not only about being able to perform better, but also regarding cross-training and how to better compete at a higher level.

With family trips to Campgaw, New Jersey and Okemo, Vermont, Michael was introduced to winter sports at an early age. Finding the snowboard more comfortable and thrilling than skiing or other sports, he knew he had found his passion. Encouraged by family and friends to pursue his dream of snowboarding competitively, Michael entered the sport without looking back. With six first-place finishes to his credit, he looks forward to upcoming competitions and to being a member of the USASA US Development Team.

Having grown up in New Jersey, Michael became an early fan of the Jersey shore and still enjoys going to the beach during the summer months. As someone who is in constant motion, Mike also enjoys playing basketball and football with friends when not honing the snow, but the next few years will find him reading, studying, and attending classes at New York University where he is as competitive in his grades as he is on the slopes.




2014 CAN Nor-Am Cup, 17th
2014 Sugarloaf, ME USA Nor-Am Cup, 1st
2014 Sugarloaf, ME USA Nor-Am Cup, 1st
2014 Big White CAN Nor-Am Cup, 5th
2014 Big White CAN Nor-Am Cup, 1st
2014 Copper Mountain, CO USA Nor-Am Cup, 1st
2014 Copper Mountain, CO USA Nor-Am Cup, 1st
2014 Tremblant.Q CAN Nor-Am Cup, 3rd
2014 Tremblant.Q CAN Nor-Am Cup, 2nd
2013 Lake Louise CAN World Cup, 57th
2013 Lake Louise CAN World Cup, 57th
2013 Mt. Hotham AUS Australia New Zealand, 3rd
2013 Mt. Hotham AUS Australia New Zealand, 4th
2013 Valle Nevado CHI South American Cup, 1st
2013 Valle Nevado CHI South American Cup, 2nd

Killington Nor-Am 8th Place

Killington Nor-Am 1st Place

Big White Nor-Am 5th Place

Big White Nor-Am 4th Place

Sun Valley Rev Tour 1st Place

2013 Mt. Hood Nor-Am 3rd Place
2013 Mt. Hood Nor-Am 2nd Place
Rev Tour Stop 2012 3rd place

 Top U.S. Junior Finish at Canyons Utah