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      Fourteen-year-old Redmond began snowboarding at age two. He quickly learned as the sixth of seven children that if he didn’t keep up, he’d be left behind. It’s not always easy in a family of nine to get attention. Dirtbikes, bicycles and snowboards were Red’s saving grace. But living in Cleveland didn’t allow for a whole lot of snowboarding. It wasn’t until the winter of 07-08, when Redmond’s mom’s love for the mountains could wait no longer, that the family decided on a trial move to Breckenridge. Here seven year old Redmond got his chance to hone in on snowboarding. Unfortunately, back and forth moves didn’t help his cause, but when back in Cleveland there was always the living room stairs to ride.

      When back in CO again, this time in Frisco, Redmond’s brothers began to notice that the little kid was half way decent. They told him he should try a USASA comp. He did, and made it to Nationals. Alas, Redmond’s helmet fell off while competing, disqualifying him, but the next year one of the judges told a rep from Burton about him and next thing he knew, Redmond was a Burton rider.

      Red Gerard and Blake Axelson Early Season from Mobbin Wear on Vimeo.



      4th, SS, Yabuli, CHN, 2015

      5th, SS, Dew Tour, Breckenridge, CO, 2015
      2nd, SS, U.S. Revolution Tour, Mammoth Mountain, CA, 2015
      2nd,SS, U.S. Revolution Tour, Mammoth Mountain, CA, 2015
      6th, BA, U.S. Revolution Tour, Mammoth Mountain, CA, 2015
      9th, SS, U.S. Revolution Tour, Seven Springs, PA, 2015

      World Snowboard Tour