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Coach & Official Background Screening Lookup

Background screening is a cornerstone of the USSA’s Safe Sport program.  

Parents, club administrators and race workers can all help to provide a safe environment for our young athletes by ensuring that coaches and officials have undergone background screening.  

Please use the tool below to see if your coaches and officials have completed background screening and are active USSA members.  

If your coach/official is not listed it is for one of the following reasons.  

  • Your coach or official does not appear on the list as a current USSA member
  • The coach or official’s background screening has expired or is incomplete
  • He/she has failed screening
  • There is no data available for your coach or official

These conditions may warrant further inquiry with your club, coach or official.   

For more information on USSA’s Background Screening and Safe Sport programs please click here.

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