Athlete Spotlight: Jonathan Cheever

2013-02-14 10:18


A pro rider by day, plumber by night, Jonathan mixes his snowboarding talent like it's plumber's putty by shredding park, pipe and the SBX course. While all of his major results have come from SBX, he's known for some of the biggest airs in the pipe and credits his SBX speed from knowing how to handle the big kickers on the course. Cheever kept making strides toward the podium in 2011 with not one but two second-place finishes on the World Cup. The Saugus kid added some flare to his season too, taking the national title, earning him a swanky green dinner jacket and the title of best in the U.S. In 2012 Cheever earned three top 10 spots at the World Cup tour, including third at Stoneham. 

Name: Jonathan Cheever

Sport: Snowboardcross

How/when did you decide you wanted to compete: I have always been competitive. After jumping on a snowboard, competition was only natural. 

Biggest accomplishment in your career so far: I feel like I have a long way to go to accomplish my goals. I have multiple World Cup podiums. I hold the title of 2011 U.S. National Champion and was 3rd in World Cup that year. 

Goals for next season: Win every single thing I compete in. 

Favorite snow destination: Last year in Sochi, we had 6 feet in a matter of a day! Park City - I have been there 8 years and don't plan on leaving anytime soon. And the trees in Japan are insane.  

Favorite non-snow destination: Boston

If you weren't a professional athlete what would you be: Plumbing is my side job. I also like poker. 

Time you've been most scared in your life: Probably when my father was having heart problems about 10 years ago. 

Biggest vice: I think I spread myself a little too thin. I get involved in so many projects and sometimes it can take away from others. Check out my latest project

Biggest pet peeve: European lift lines. 

Advice to others who want to follow in your footsteps: Work your ass off. Nothing comes easy.