Athlete Spotlight: Todd Lodwick

2013-03-14 16:20

A veteran of five Olympics and nine World Championships, Todd Lodwick is one of the most accomplished winter sports athletes of all time. A double World Champion in 2009, Lodwick led the USA to an unprecedented Olympic silver in the nordic combined team event in 2010. His return to competitive skiing in 2009 after a two-year retirement helped define his legacy as one of his sport’s greatest stars. Now, he’s battling a new generation of American combined athletes to vie for medals in a 10th Worlds and sixth Olympics. 

Name: Todd Lodwick

Sport: Nordic Combined 

How/when did you decide you wanted to compete: Growing up in a ski town, it is just what we do. I was born into opportunity and was fortunate enough to have a place like Howellson Hill to exploit my talent.  

Biggest accomplishment in your career so far: Earning two world titles at World Championships in 2009 was a dream involving hard work, great support, awesome teammates and a will to never give up. I proved to myself that if you want something bad enough, anything is possible. Dream big!

Goals for next season: I still hold myself to a high standard of competitive excellence, train hard and believe that anything is possible. Making the 2014 Winter Games is on my list and, as always, have a lot of fun.  

Favorite snow destination: As long as it is white and endless, I love it all.  

Favorite non-snow destination: With my toes in the sand and a cold beer in my hand; when the season ends, that's where you will find me. A beach and a band... 

If you weren't a professional athlete what would you be: I have dreams of my own business and giving back to the sport that has given me so much.

Time you've been most scared in your life: I live on the edge, so when it comes to being scared, I smile and take it for what it is.  "Harness good, block bad."  Make sure you do something new or scary everyday!

Biggest vice: I love the outdoors, so when hunting season has come and gone, I need my fix of the year's hunts around the world. YouTube, I love you...

Biggest pet peeve: When someone uses the peanut butter knife in the jelly jar!

Advice to others who want to follow in your footsteps: If you want to accomplish something in your life, don't look back in a year from now and say, "I wish I started then!" Do what can you do today - even if it is small - to make your dreams come true! Celebrate your small successes so you know how to when the big one comes.  Step one: Dream big. 



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