Jacobellis Takes Telluride Title

2011-12-16 17:36

TELLURIDE, CO (Dec. 16) – X Games champion Lindsey Jacobellis (Stratton Mountain, VT) broke the ice with the first U.S. win in Telluride Friday, cruising to victory in the USANA Snowboardcross Cup in the opening SBX event of the LG FIS Snowboard World Cup. Nick Baumgartner (Iron River, MI) ended up third in the new six-man heat format behind France's Pierre Vaultier, who remained undefeated at Telluride.


  • 24th World Cup win (in 55 starts) for Lindsey Jacobellis was first for U.S. rider in three history of World Cup in Telluride
  • Four U.S. Snowboarding riders in top ten including Baumgartner third, Seth Wescott (Sugarloaf, ME) seventh, Jonathan Cheever (Saugus, MA) eighth and Alex Tuttle (Stratton, ME) tenth.
  • Eight U.S. men in top 20.
  • Third year at Telluride with both a final pre-season camp and World Cup.
  • USANA Snowboardcross Cup wraps up Saturday with a team SBX event.

Lindsey Jacobellis

I haven't had great success at the first World Cup of any seasonn for the last few years so this has really kicked it off for me. It shows that what I was doing in the summer was working as well as our early training camp here at Telluride. And that's crucial to that head start for the season.

I was able to get the hole shot in the first two very easily, getting out of the gate and pumping the features. In the final, I don't feel like I was the first one out of the gate but I was working the features really well. I just tried to get into the smallest tuck possible as I knew Dominque was right behind me and she carries the freight really well in the flat sections. I just tried to make not make any mistakes, hold the line and be patient with all my turns.

It was so nice that Telluride accomodated us for the training camp. Just to come out here to get used to the altitude with two different mini-courses to try some drills and work with other teammates to get the fine tuning about what is the fastest is extremely beneficial for us.

Nick Baumgartner
This course brought so many pinch zones and so many places where everyone would bottleneck together so just the battling was unbelievable - you couldn't ask for more than that.

The final was crazy. I went into the chicane turns and made a little mistake and had to go dead straight into one of them and lost all my speed. The only chance I had was to pin it as fast as I could into turn five. I got inside there and I thought I had second but he went to the inside on the second to last jump, I had to go outside a little bit. I made a great move - the best move I made on it all day - but he made a good move too. But he JUST barely edged me out.

I love it. We do this for ourselves to have fun, for our sponsors and the mainly for the fans. We love having people watch us and six man just brings so much action - how could you not love it.

I love this place! I actually held a season pass here in '03-04 - this is where it all started for me. The way they treat us is unbelieavable. I really wanted to get them a win on the men's side - they've been wanting it and I thought I had it. But I'll take a podium I'm happy. It's the first race of the year and I had so much fun.

Jonathan Cheever
I was in semifinals along with one of my teammates Nick Baumgartner. He was out in front. I made a dicey pass on him and thought I could dictate the race from there. Entered turn six and made a little bit of a mistake and left the door open for the Italian rider. I went to shut the door and he ran me right over. I'm going to learn from that one becasuse top three qualify. I should have been in the big final. But I'm happy with eight in the first World Cup of the season.

<on six man format>
If there's enough talent and enough riders I way send eight. The more the better. It makes things more interesting. This is waht I live for. I hope we get more participants in the sport, especially at the elite level.

We love Telluride. This is best World Cup on tour. It sets the benchmark for the rest of the countries that show up. Thsi is a top notch course and we get top notch training. And the community is so welcoming to us. I look forward to coming back year after year.

Seth Wescott
Unlike the last two years here, it was really wide open but there weren't many technical featutes to get good speed creating moves made to make passes. So I was just hanging. I almost got an opportunity on turn seven but one of the young German guys closed me out a little bit. All in all, a good day.

In the small final I switched and went to the right hand gate (out of the start) and I had it the whole way. It was a bummer not to make the switch earlier in the day.

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