Pates and Kalapos Top Rev Tour Halfpipe

2014-02-06 10:40

SEVEN SPRINGS, PA (Feb. 6) – Jake Pates (Eagle, CO) and Zoe Kalapos (Beverly Hills, MI) earned the first Pop-Tarts U.S. Revolution Tour victories of the year, winning the men’s and women’s halfpipe snowboarding events at Seven Springs Resort Tuesday. The two took advantage of a break in the weather to land their runs and separate themselves from a competitive field. Unfortunately the weather didn’t last as Wednesday’s slopestyle snowboarding competitions were cancelled due to low visibility and inclement conditions. Rev Tour action resumes Thursday with halfpipe skiing, and then slopestyle skiing wraps up the Seven Springs Rev Tour on Friday.


  • Jake Pates (Eagle, CO) won men’s halfpipe snowboarding, scoring a 98.66. Rounding out the podium were Japan’s Ikko Anai and Alexander Kondo (Breckenridge, CO).
  • Pates’ winning run consisted of a backside straight air, frontside 900 tail, backside 900 japan, frontside 720, switch cab 1080 and a frontside 1080 tail.
  • Zoe Kalapos (Beverly Hills, MI) took the victory for the women, scoring a 90.33. She was followed up by Kelly Berger (Mammoth Lakes, CA) and Australian Emily Arthur.
  • Kalapos’ winning run was a lein air, method, frontside 720, cab 360, frontside 540 tail, and indy grab.
  • Snowboarding slopestyle was cancelled due to thick fog, rain, and low visibility.
  • Weather is expected to move out Thursday and action resumes with halfpipe skiing.

Jake Pates

I was stoked on my run. The pipe ran great. The light was pretty flat but I landed the run I wanted to. Overall the weather felt good, landed my first run, took it a little bit easier then landed my back-to-back 1080s on my second.

Zoe Kalapos
I’m so happy I finally put down my run. The pipe was really good, the best it’s been the whole time we’ve been here. It was great. Today was a really nice day.

I’m excited to learn more tricks before the next stop and hopefully lay down a bigger and better run.

Official Men’s Results
Official Women’s Results

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