US Open Qualis at Rev Tour

2013-02-03 22:32


SEVEN SPRINGS, PA (Feb. 2) –Under bluebird skies the U.S. Revolution Tour and Burton US Open Snowboarding Qualifiers, got underway Saturday at Seven Springs Mountain Resort in Pennsylvania. With 68 men competing Grant Giller (Salt Lake City) took the win for the men and Karly Shorr (Milford, MI) beat out a tough field of 27 women to take top honors in the slopestyle competition. The top 10 men and top five women got their ticket stamped to head to the semi-finals at the 31st annual Burton US Open Snowboarding Championships in Vail, CO Feb. 25-Mar. 2.


  • The U.S. Revolution Tour, in partnership with the Burton US Open qualifier, slopestyle competition went off without a hitch today at Pennsylvania’s Seven Springs Resort.
  • Grant Giller (Salt Lake City, UT) won by three points for the men.
  • Karly Shorr (Milford, MI) won in the women’s competition by four points.
  • Athletes are competing for the chance to compete at the Burton US Open at Vail, CO Feb. 25-Mar. 2, honors that are presented to the top 10 men and top five women in slopestyle and halfpipe disciplines.
  • Included in the top five women to go to the Burton US Open is U.S. Snowboarding’s Jordie Karlinski (Snowmass Village, CO).
  • The U.S. Revolution Tour is a grass roots event featuring slopestyle, halfpipe and snowboardcross with three stops across the U.S.
  • The Seven Springs stop at the U.S. Revolution Tour is a 4Star World Snowboard event.
  • The action starts again tomorrow with halfpipe and can be watched live starting at 8:45a.m. ET.

Men’s Slopestyle

1. Grant Giller, USA, 91.4
2. Nikolas Baden, USA, 88.4
3. Seth Hill, USA, 87.6
4. Kent Callister, AUS, 85.4
5. Brendan Hart, USA, 80.4
6. Matts Kulisek, CAN, 78.4
7. Easton Gilman, USA, 77.6
8. Tyler Nicholson, CAN, 73.8
9. Brett Moody, USA, 73.6
10. Ian Thorley, USA, 70.2

Women’s Slopestyle
1. Karly Shorr, USA, 89.4
2. Erika Vikander, USA, 85.2
3. Danika Duffy, USA, 74.8
4. Celia Miller, USA, 69.6
5. Jordie Karlinski, USA, 60.0