White, Anderson Sweep Slope Gold

2012-03-16 07:15

TIGNES, FRA (Mar. 16) – Olympian and double threat Shaun White (Carlsbad, CA) took his second gold at European X Games Friday in the slopestyle competition. He executed yet another almost perfect score with a 97.00 on his second run with three doubles. Jamie Anderson (South Lake Tahoe, CA) also mimicked the nearly perfect run of White to take the top spot for the women. Eric Willett (Breckenridge, CO) nailed his third run and a huge front double 1080 to put him in third position.


  • Shaun White (Carlsbad, CA) and Jamie Anderson (South Lake Tahoe, CA) took European X Games gold, Eric Willett (Breckenridge, CO) took bronze.
  • White’s winning run scored a 97.00 and it went like this: switch on 270, cab 5 in to back lip to fakie, switch back double 1080, cab double 1260, back double 1260, switch board side to regular.
  • Anderson's winning run scored a 98.00 and went like this: cab to 270 off, half cab in to backside tailslide to fakie off, cab 720, switch backside 540, frontside 720 tail slide, to 270 out on the
    rainbow rail.
  • Willett’s third run scored an 88.00: 50/50 to board slide to 270 off, front board side to 270 out, cab double 900, huge front double 1080, back dub 1080 to front 270.
  • Willett notched his third medal in a row, and second bronze at European X Games. He had tough crashes in his first two runs and was strong on his third and final run.
  • White and Willett did a total of three impressive double cork’s in their runs.
  • This is White’s 13th X Games gold medal and 18th X Games medal; his last time competing in X Games slopestyle was in 2009.
  • Chas Guldemond (Reno, NV) finished in sixth position after washing out on his landings.
  • A total of nine medals have been won for the U.S. out of a possible 15 with three more finals to go.


Shaun White, European X Games Gold Medalist

Every time I come out to the X Games I just get more excited. I think this European X Games for me was extra special because this was the first time I have been out here.

It’s funny, I was standing at the top of the slopestyle course today and they show all the stats that come up. One of the things showed that I have a lot of medals in slopestyle and that’s something that I do every single year. At one point I had more slopestyle medals than halfpipe medals. Just because the Olympics had only halfpipe I took two years off from 2009-2010 to just compete in halfpipe. Now that slopestyle is in Sochi it feels natural to me. It felt strange to just focus on halfpipe and now I feel back to my old self again.

Jamie Anderson, European X Games Gold Medalist
I was feeling good, I kind of knew that I set a pretty high score but it was more of a personal goal that I wanted to get a cab 9. I was thinking about it all week and I've never landed one, but I'm like I should just try it, and maybe I will land it with all the pressure and adrenaline. Unfortunately I didn't quite land it, but I am happy I went for it. I was so impressed with all the girls trying 9s and switch 7s and getting creative. It was a really good event and super progressive for the women.

I am super excited for Sochi and trying to be in the moment because I know it's still a way ahead. With how times goes it's going to be here before we know it and we'll be in Russia. I am looking forward to it and keeping it fun, fresh and learn some new tricks in the future.

Eric Willett, European X Games Bronze Medalist
It’s awesome to have three events under my belt and be able to podium at all three of them. I wanted to be able to keep that streak and I am stoked I was able to pull it through. Hopefully I will keep it going.

I am so happy, I take each competition as they come so bronze for me is awesome, especially at an X Games, I’d be stoked to get a second to round it all off. But you know a bronze is still good by me!

When I was up there I wasn’t thinking that I had to drop after Shaun, I thought maybe he’ll stomp something. I didn’t let it mess with my head. I just thought of it like another competitor. I didn’t get to see his run, but it sounds like his run was really deserving. He’s back!

I am not really an angry person and I definitely let rage come out on my last run. Up at the top I was thinking I don’t even know what I am going to do. I sat by myself the whole time. I switched it up and tried something else and it worked out for me. I think I closed my eyes the whole time and didn’t open them until I was at the bottom.

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