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Professional, fun and energetic coaches are the backbone of competitive snowboarding. USASA and USSA together deliver high quality education programs at all levels of the pipeline for coaches in the United States. The philosophy, based on the Snowboarding Training System, is to coach athletes to become great riders first, with a solid fundamental skills and love for snowboarding.

USASA/USSA Coaches Education Programs

The US Snowboard Coach Education program is a joint effort between USASA and the USSA. The goal is to provide a consistent path for coaches to get the training and resources they need to help their athletes reach their goals in the sport. The education program follows the athlete development pipeline. Certification begins with the with Level 100 and Level 200 clinics. The focus of the 100 and 200 level is on coaches who are working with kids who compete primarily in USASA events and these clinics are organized by the USASA. The Level 300 and Level 400 certifications are focused on coaches working with athletes at the next levels of competition in the US and around the world. The US Snowboard Coach Education Committee is responsible for the development and implementation of the clinics and exams at each level.


Coaches Education Clinic

Snowboard IJC/FIS/WSF National Judges Clinic - Park City, UT

Participations fee: $50 USD

Online Registration: HERE

Please register by October 6, 2017

Hotel Information:

DoubleTree Hotel

Park City, UT

Call 855.537.5305 to make a reservation

Double room $99/night  (two persons per room)

Prices are available until October 4, 2017

Full Schedule:

Oct 11th , Wednesday             Arrival

Oct 12th, Thursday

09.00 - 09.15                           Start judges’ clinic and presentation of participants

09.15 - 10.00                           General Information: FIS / TTR / WST / WSF

10.00 - 13.00                           Basic Judging

13.00 - 14.00                           Lunch

14.00 – 17.00                          Basic Judging

17.00                                       Test
Oct 13th, Friday

09.00 – 12.00                          Basic Judging

12.00 - 13.00                           Lunch

14.00- 16.00                            Basic Judging         

16.00-                                      Test

2017 Level 300 Sport Science SeminarAvailable to any 200+ Certified Coach

Green Mountain Valley School, VT

October 14-15, 2017

Register Here

USSA and USASA offer coaches education clinics throughout the year.  For Level 100 and 200 clinics visit the USASA website.


Program Requirements

Level 300 Certification Requirements

Requirements: Complete and pass the Level 300 classroom clinic, on-snow clinic and 2 sport endorsements.

To maintain your Level 300 certification, you must earn 2 Continuing Education credits within 3 years. 


Candidate: Coaches who are working with athletes competing in National level competitions. Also coaches who are leading programs and managing a staff of other coaches.


Athlete type: Athletes whose focus is competing at the USASA Regional Series, USASA Nationals or entry-level USSA competitions. Athletes will be on snow between 4 – 6 days per week during the season and may participate in summer camps or year round training programs.


Course Pre-requisites:

  • Currently employed as a full time coach with a USSA/ USASA registered program.
  • Registered and current member coach with both USSA and USASA
  • Work over 250 hours per season.
  • First Aid/ CPR Certificate
  • Complete background screening
  • 24 months as a Level 200 Coach
  • Provide proof of CDC Concusion completion HeadsUp (Free)
  • Provide proof of USOC SafeSport completion (Free)
  • Complete of 2 sport endorsement clinics (see clinic dates above)

Evaluation Criteria:

  • An in-depth understanding of the skills and mechanics of all competitive disciplines in snowboarding.
  • The ability to develop or design a seasonal training program within the framework of a long term development plan
  • The ability to present these ideas in the form of a daily plan and practical coaching sessions.
  • Professionalism in ALL parts of their demeanor: riding, group interaction and presentation skills.
  • Effective group handling skills.
  • Identification and correction of riding inefficiencies.
  • Understanding of lower level course setting and terrain choices for Freestyle, Alpine and SBX.
  • Experience, ability and knowledge to support and develop Level 100 coaches


Riding Skills:

  • Dynamic carving as an introduction to correct race technique for athletes.
  • High level freeride skills in all terrain types as a building block for SBX Training
  • Demonstrate effective line, body position and technique in the Half Pipe
  • Efficient riding techniques and effective body positions on terrain park features.
  • Introductory rotary movements off small or medium park features
  • Dynamic demonstration of correct technique in a basic alpine snowboard racecourse




Level 300 Continuing Education

Level 300 Continuing Education:

In order to keep your Level 300 coaching certification status current, Continuing Education credits are required every three years based on membership season (July 1 - June 30).

Coaches must have completed two credits of Continuing Education credit every three years.  Continuing education opportunities may provide a full or partial credit.  Coaches are responsible to report their approved continuing education activities to USSA Sport Education.

Continuing Education Request Form

Continuing Education Opportunities:

●      Participate in USSA Sport Education Web Presentation (.25 credit)

●      Participate in USSA Club Development Webinar (.25 credit)

●      Attend in USSA Club Symposium (1 credit)

●      Attend the Level 300 Classroom symposium (1 credit)

●      Attend USSA Congress (1 credit)

●      Completed a sports management course pre-approved by USSA Sport Education (1 credit)

●      Completing a Education/Teacher Training course pre-approved by USSA Sport Education (1 credit)

●      AASI MA Clinic pre-approved by USSA (.25 credit)

●      Attend a FIS TD update (.50 credit)

●      Attend a National Judges Clinic (.50 credit)

●      Participate as a Coach at Olympic Winter Games (1.5 credit)

●      Participate as a Coach at Junior World Championships (1 credit) (.50 for non-US Team Coach)

●      Participate as a Coach at Project Gold on-snow (.75 credit)

●      Participate as a Coach at Fall Project Gold off-snow (.50 credit)

●      Complete at least 2 electives for Level 400 within 3 years (1.5 credit)

●      Participation in USSA Coaches Education Committee, Teaching Education Clinics, Sport Task Force, or other USSA Sport Committees (.50 credit)

●      Take a course in Sport Science, Sport Medicine, Biomechanics, Sport Psychology, or Sports Management (1 credit)

●      Completion of U.S.Snowboarding National Team Coach Mentor Program (1 credit)

●      Completion of U.S. Snowboarding Silver/Gold Club Mentor Program (1 credit)


Clinics or events hosted by the following organizations specifically for the purpose of coaches education generally count as continuing education: USSA regions/divisions/states, AASI, and the USOC. It is the responsibility of the coach to confirm or report their activity to USSA Sport Education using the request form.


Once a coach has completed their continuing education requirements for the period, their certification will be become active at the previous level attained. 

Continuing Education Request Form


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