Phase 4

Skier's age: Girls 11-14 years old, Boys 12-15 years old

Years in skiing: 5-9 years

 Phase 4 skiers are into their growth spurt, which may cause disruption to their technique as their body changes. During this period, monitoring and maintaining the fundamental skiing skills is essential. It will be more difficult for athletes to acquire new skills during this period, underlining the importance of the work done in the earlier phases. By keeping skills in the forefront of the athlete's training and program design, the coach will be able to help the athlete adapt their technique to their growing body. This will accelerate their advancement as they move into the later developmental phases. Challenge skiers in this phase frequently with the drills in SkillsQuest.


Sasha Rearick on SkillsQuest

Watch Sasha, the U.S. men's alpine head coach talk about how skiing skills are the foundation of the sport.

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