Alpine Masters Programs

Masters Racing Is For Ski Racers Ages 18 To 90+

Masters racers seek to reach their best regardless of their age or when they started ski racing. Masters racing is designed for every level of competitor. It provides local, regional, national and international opportunities in all four ski racing disciplines – slalom, giant slalom, Super G and downhill. It appeals to adult ski racers who compete within age groups and for overall honors. It is a great way for NASTAR and college racers, parents of junior racers, ski instructors, USSCA-certified coaches, former professional racers and ex-national team members to continue doing what they love: skiing fast and having fun!!


Geographic Divisions Of USSA Masters

Masters racers compete on the same runs and similar full-length courses used for top level USSA and FIS-sanctioned events. Most masters racers compete throughout the winter within their geographic region (division) as well as at the eastern or western regional masters championships and the Phillips 66 U.S. Alpine Masters Nationals. All USSA masters races are “open” races, including the regionals and nationals, requiring only a USSA masters membership and payment of the entry fee to compete. There are over 200-plus races across the United States during a typical winter, split among these USSA divisions:

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International Competitions

USSA Masters is among a number of masters programs that participate in the International Ski Federation’s (FIS) International Masters Cup events. Races take place annually from September through April in South America, North America and Europe. The annual masters world championships, known as the FIS Masters World Criterium, is the highlight of the international masters circuit. Athletes also compete for season-long titles within their age group. The top three finishers in each age group take home crystal globes similar to those awarded to World Cup champions.


Camaraderie and Friendships

USSA Masters offers more than high-quality ski racing. The friendships that develop are a key benefit from participation. At many events, masters racing is a family affair, where two or three generations compete. Masters racing is highly social, and the masters are a welcoming group. Of the many reasons current masters give for getting involved, camaraderie always tops the list. Second, of course, is a love of competition!




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