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Alaskan native Ryan Stassel has had a board strapped to his feet since kindergarten. The talented slopestyle and big air rider worked his way up through USASA and the Revolution Tour,  soon finding success at the U.S. Grand Prix and eventually earning himself a spot on the U.S. Olympic slopestyle team in 2014. 

2014 was Stassel’s breakout year. He earned his first major win at the Sprint U.S. Grand Prix at Mammoth Mountain and backed it up two days later with a third place, effectively securing his spot on the first U.S. Olympic slopestyle snowboarding team. In Sochi, Stassel finished 14th in the high-octane slopestyle debut. 

In the 2015 season, Stassel took home the World Championship title at the FIS World Championships in Kreischberg, AUT. 

Stassel remembers, “I first started snowboarding when I was in kindergarten. I would hop on the shuttle every other day and head up to our little resort that was in town. It was more a hill with a lift and a towrope, but it was definitely a lot of fun. I can’t quite remember who the first person was that taught me to ride, but the two that really got me going and pushing the limits were Dylan Omlin and Jeremy Puckett…thanks guys!”

Stassel enjoys hanging out with his friends, rock climbing, camping, writing, playing guitar, longboarding around town, and “frolfing or just getting down on some video games.” He says, “I like to try and keep myself entertained.” 



Teams: 2014
14th, SS, Sochi, RUS, 2014

World Snowboard Tour Rankings
9th, BA, World Championships, Yabuli, CHN, 2016
12th, SS, World Championshis, Yabuli, CHN, 2016
9th, BA, 2016
42nd, SS, 2016
18th, SS, 2013

Eleven starts, one podium since 2011
5th, SS, Spindleruv, 2016
8th, SS, PyeongChang, KOR, 2016
4th, BA, Istanbul, TUR, 2014

1st, SS, Kreischberg, AUT, 2015
7th, SS, Stoneham, QC, 2013

5th, SS, Grand Prix, Mammoth Mountain, CA, 2016
1st, SS, Sprint U.S. Grand Prix, Mammoth Mountain, CA, 2014
3rd, SS, Sprint U.S. Grand Prix, Mammoth Mountain, CA, 2014
4th, SS, Sprint U.S. Grand Prix, Mammoth Mountain, CA, 2014
7th, SS, Sprint U.S. Grand Prix, Copper Mountain, CO, 2014
2nd, BA, Paul Mitchell Progression Session, Park City, UT, 2013
7th, SS, Sprint U.S. Grand Prix, Mammoth Mountain, CA, 2011
13th, SS, Sprint U.S. Grand Prix, Mammoth Mountain, 2012
21st, SS, Sprint U.S. Grand Prix, Park City, UT, 2013

3rd, BA, Jamorbee, Quebec, CAN, 2016
1st, SS, USANA Nationals, Copper Mountain, CO, 2013
1st, SS, U.S. Revolution Tour, Mt Snow, VT, 2012
2nd, SS, USASA Nationals, Copper Mountain, CO, 2012
3rd, SS, Showcase Showdown, CAN, 2014
4th, SS, The Shred Show, Whistler, BC, 2013
7th, BA, The Shred Show, Whistler, BC, 2014
11th, SS, Burton US Open, Vail, CO, 2013