USSA Programs

Vision / Mission


USSA Vision
The Vision of the USSA is to make the United States of America the best in the world in Olympic skiing and snowboarding.

USSA Mission
The Mission of the USSA is to provide strong leadership that establishes and supports athletic excellence in accordance with USSA core values.

USSA Goals
    •    Athletic excellence
    •    Financial strength
    •    Organizational growth
    •    Positive organizational image
    •    Strong partnerships

USSA Core Values
    •    Team
    •    Loyalty
    •    Integrity
    •    Respect
    •    Courage
    •    Perseverance
    •    Accountability

USSA Four Cornerstones of Athletic Success
    •    Elite athlete programs
    •    Sport science and medicine
    •    National development systems
    •    Education

USSA Key Principles
    •    Physical conditioning is the cornerstone of a successful athletic program.
    •    The USSA is educationally based and athletically focused.
    •    Continuity and consistency of leadership and programs.